SOQQUADRO (Upside down)


3-6 Years Old
Theatral Group
Teatro del Piccione (Genova) /ATP ass.Teatri Pistoiesi (Pistoia)
Danila Barone e Dario Garofalo
Danila Barone e Dario Garofalo
Danila Barone, Dario Garofalo e Paolo Piano
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Artistic notes

What if puddles were doors to a submerged, upside-down world?
A mother and a father observe the puddles their son finds so irresistible, and this time, they jump right into it. A bizarre journey in the many worlds of children, with their rules and mysteries. Water is the main element of the show: water that nourishes, protects, gives life, quenches our thirst; water that stains and cleanses. Water is the door that opens on the upside-down world: through the puddles, on a rainy day, the two adults literally sink (together or alone) in a magmatic, unknown place, made of blinding lights and colours, to be look at with brand new eyes.

Duration: 50’

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