POVESTI CU FIRE (Tales with threads)


1-4 Years Old
Theatral Group
Teatrul Ion Creangă (Romania)
Andra Burcă
Andreea Gaica, Andreea Mera e Andra Mirescu
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Artistic notes

In a timeless space, we prepare to set off into a realm carved out of unexpected encounters. Guided by an invisible thread, before us, a giant sphere of wool and three interesting characters will appear one by one. Together, we will start discovering and unravelling the threads that surround us. Tales with threads is the ideal universe of any child lets himself be detached from the hands of his parents and, guided by curiosity, enjoys exploring the unknown.

Duration: 30’

Next events

    • Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Via Matteotti 16, Bologna (BO) (2024)