PARLAMI TERRA (Speak to me, earth)


3-6 Years Old
Theatral Group
Compagnia TeatroViola
Federica Migliotti
Federica Migliotti
Gaia Tinarelli e Marco Pulieri
Marco Guarrera
Michele Moi
Nika Campisi
Damiano Ottavio Bigi
Other Informations
Elaborazioni sonore Valerio Camporini Faggioni Realizzazione cassettiera Adriano De Ritis Collaborazione artistica Chiara De Bonis Produzione Cranpi, MAT-Movimenti Artistici Trasversali
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Artistic notes

Speak to me, Earth; speak to me, Sun.
Are you lost? Will you ever return?
I no longer hear what you say!
You, grass, speak to me! You, rock, speak to me!
Where is your meaning, Earth? Where shall I find you?
Where is the tie that bound you to the Sun?
Pier Paolo Pasolini, “Medea”

The project stems from an image that came in a dream, and a dream – Gaia’s dream – is, on some level, the central theme of the show. The mother of all mothers, Mother Earth, wakes Gaia up and she finds herself in a non-place, on top of a chest of drawers. From the moment Mother Earth starts to speak to Gaia, she will follow her through an adventurous journey. Through the mysterious chest of drawers – a “magic portal” to other worlds -, Gaia will explore the various environments created by the elements.

Duration: 45’

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    • Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Via Matteotti 16, Bologna (BO) (2024)