KNUET (Knot)


1-3 Years Old
Theatral Group
Kopla Bunz Asbl (Lussemburgo)
Jean Bermes
Nicholas Ankoudinoff, Ela Baumann e Benoit Martiny
Dagmar Weitze
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Artistic notes

An amazing world of different ropes and knots opens up to the little spectators:
Ropes to connect, cords as curtains, ropes as ladders and swings, cords to pull together, wires to and from each other, cords ensnare with every fibre, ribbons that connect, pull strings and lines loose.
From the umbilical cord to the coffin sinking rope, people have to do with this object, both concretely and semantically it can be found again and again in our lives. Playing people do rope jumping or rope pulling, political people join connections and form rope teams. The rope team, in turn, as well as the rope
ladder and the safety net, are familiar from sports. The performing arts are home to rope dancers, and in music, from the ancient lyre to the modern electric guitar, making strings sound is an integral part.
The knot in the brain, the dream catcher; lianas, ivy and mangroves; hanging chairs, swings…

Duration: 50’


With the support of Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg

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