Celebrating curiosity through vision and practice
by Vv.Aa., Roberto Frabetti et al.

Wide Eyes are the children’s big eyes, hungry for knowledge, opening up to watch the world. We like to think that the adults’ eyes are the same, especially the eyes of the artists. Eyes wide open to what is around us, and able to look far to understand and feel. Little children have a unique ability to convey the intensity of their amazement, like nobody else does. Glances and postures entwine with the artists’ actions, enriching the subtle connection that comes to life and ends in the course of an artistic experience.

‘Small size, Performing Arts for Early Years’ is a large scale cooperation project financed by Creative Europe for 2014-2018, involving 17 partners from 15 different European countries. The project found its centre of gravity in Wide Eyes, making this topic become the starting point of a common research. The process, begun with two common workshops and continued with the development of the ideas shared, resulted in 15 different but entwined productions.

Ed. Pendragon / La Baracca – Testoni Ragazzi – Anno 2018
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