TU Y YO (You and Me)


1-3 Years Old
Theatral Group
DA.TE Danza (Spagna)
Omar Meza
Maria José Casado e Raúl Durán
Omar Meza
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Artistic notes

Two bodies that breathe everything that surrounds them. Two bodies that appreciate what they do not know, two bodies that emerge, grow and discover themselves in their tender life through play and curiosity. “Tu y yo”, and dance… for those tiny hearts that love life.
“You and me” beats within those places common to people, which when shared become present and make us better by recognizing them. “Tu y yo” is born with the condition of using the limits that coexist with people and using them as a discourse for the creation of the show.
Designed especially for early childhood, this show opens up a world of possibilities for babies, boys, girls (6 months and older) and families. In “Tu y yo” we celebrate diversity and make inclusion our norm.

Duration: 35’

Next events

    • Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Via Matteotti 16, Bologna (BO) (2024)