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La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi
Luciano Cendou, Andrea Buzzetti, Andrea Aristidi
Andrea Buzzetti e Valeria Frabetti
Giada Ciccolini e Luciano Cendou
Tanja Eick
Sofia Quagiotto
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«The night turns the stars on and opens the door of dreams…»

It is a journey through the night… in order not to be afraid of darkness. It is when you go to sleep that dreams arrive. Dreams that entwine, in a journey from the sky to the sea. Because even in darkness, the darkest night is never black… there is always a small light. In this play, the light is the protagonist; a light that changes shape and size: lamps and bulbs, beams of light, colours and

reflections… Lights that draw the sky, lights that play and dance.

Two actors are on stage and play with the different light sources. The light steps of a dancer and the movements of a technician actor bring the audience into a world of games and poetry.

This special new project has been devised by those who habitually design and play with the light.

The project is entirely dedicated to the early years, their amazement, their holding their breath when you take them through darkness.

Under a different light is a dance theatre show.

Duration: 45′


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    • Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Via Matteotti 16, Bologna (BO) (2024)
    • Sala Centofiori, via Gorki 16, Bologna (2023)
    • Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Via Matteotti 16, Bologna (BO) (2019)
    • Take Part in Art Festival, Varsavia - Polonia (2017)
    • Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Via Matteotti 16, Bologna (BO) (2016)
    • Wee Festival - Theatre and Culture for Early Years, The Theatre Centre, Toronto - Canada (2016)
    • Kina Festival, Camp Kigali - KCEV, Kigali - Ruanda (2015)
    • Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Via Matteotti 16, Bologna (BO) (2013)
    • Teatro Centrale Preneste, Roma (RM) - Italia (2012)
    • Baborò Festival, Galway - Irlanda (2011)