AUGENSCHEIN & BLICKFANG (Bright Spots & Eyecatchers)


3-6 Years Old
Theatral Group
Breloque Theatre Group (Austria)
Myrto Dimitriadou, Ragna Heiny, Daniela Kasperer, Yorgos Pervolarakis, Andreas Simma
Myrto Dimitriadou
Daniela Kasperer, Andreas Simma e Yorgos Pervolarakis
Ragna Heiny
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Artistic notes

The painter Daniela Kasperer, the actor Andreas Simma and the musician Yorgos Pervolarakis interpret the story of a human life, told in reverse order: starting at old age and slowly scrolling back to toddler and baby. Images and sounds, play and relationships become a narrative of what has happened and what has been imagined. The performance offers the human and the all-too-human, the funny and the colorfully, the profound and the silly, and has no less the intention than to create joy and pleasure.
Layers of text and image that have been superimposed are made visible again by scraping, as in a palimpsest. “BRIGHT SPOTS & EYE-CATCHERS” opens up new perspectives on a life that could have turned out quite differently. It is full of associated images, changing layers of music and wayward play, aimed at young and old.

Duration: 35’

Next events

    • Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Via Matteotti 16, Bologna (BO) (2024)