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How we manage and safeguard your data - Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (Art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 - the “Code” - and EU regulation 679/2016 - “GDPR”)

All the personal data provided by you to “La Baracca Società Cooperativa sociale O.N.L.U.S.” (“La Baracca”) through the dedicated paperwork will be collected and processed in compliance with the current legislation on the protection of personal data, as set out in articles 13 and 14 of EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and in the national Privacy Code, as well as in accordance with the principles of congruence and confidentiality “La Baracca” pursues in all its activities. Therefore, we hereby provide the necessary information regarding the data you provide us with.

1. Data Controller and Data Protection Officer

The Data Controller is: “La Baracca Società Cooperativa sociale O.N.L.U.S.”, with headquarters in Bologna (Italy), via Matteotti, 16, in the person of its legal representative pro tempore;

The Data Protection Officer is: Mr. Gabriele Marchioni, vice-president of “La Baracca” - e-mail address:

2. Types of data collected

Data provided by the user:
Personal data such as name, surname, date of birth, gender and contact details such as e-mail address, telephone number, mobile phone number, other telephone numbers, mailing address: the personal data provided will be used for participating in the activities of “La Baracca”, such as workshops and theatre shows.

Connection data:
The IT systems and the software procedures of this website acquire personal data which are transmitted automatically for the purposes of Internet communication protocols.
This set of data includes IP addresses or the domains of the computers used by the users to connect to the website, information about the website pages visited by the users, access times, time of permanence on the website pages, internal route analysis and other parameters relating to the user’s operating system and IT environment. Said technical/IT data are collected and used solely in an aggregate, non-identifying form, and might be used to ascertain the user’s liability in cases of computer crime targeting the website.

3. How and why we process Your data

A) The personal data you provide in the dedicated form are processed for the purposes of the participation in activities organised by “La Baracca”, such as workshops, theatre shows and training events (“Activities”). It is necessary for you to provide your personal details and/or contacts, and it is “compulsory” to accept their processing; failing to do so will result in the impossibility by La Baracca to contact you and/or carry out the “Activities”.

B) The e-mail address provided by you, with your further, specific authorisation, will also be used to send newsletters and/or other correspondence about “Activities” or initiatives promoted by “La Baracca”.

In this regard, we hereby inform you that the newsletters sent by “La Baracca” are handled through MailChimp®, where your e-mail address and servers will be saved (MailChimp’s privacy policy is available here: ); Mailchimp® is a web platform property of the Roket Science Group, LLC, U.S.A., a “Privacy Shield”-certified company that guarantees data protection standards compliant with the current national and European laws and regulations. MailChimp® provides us with information such as who opens our newsletters and who clicks on the links contained in them. This gives us a detailed picture about what contents our subscribers are more interested in, and we try to provide all our readers with high-quality newsletters.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time, by clicking on the link you will find at the bottom of all messages sent by “La Baracca”.

We further inform you that for certain activities, such as online booking or satisfaction surveys, we might use SurveyMonkey®. SurveyMonkey® is an online platform where your servers, your e-mail and IP address and certain other data specified by the user will be saved. A “Privacy Shield”-certified company, the privacy policy of SurveyMonkey® ia available here:, whereas details on the location of the servers used for EU users are available here:

C) During the “Activities”, photographs or recordings of you (or the subject/minor you are responsible for) might be taken; in this case, it is necessary for us to obtain your consent as it is considered as personal data. Said material can be used for the documentation of our activity and the creation of promotional material, both online and offline (,,,,,,,,, newsletters, press releases, production and printing of paper materials, exhibitions and short promotional videos), ), all complying with the purposes and code of conduct of “La Baracca”, as well as the privacy regulations in force.
We hereby specify that giving your consent to the processing of images is not compulsory but optional; therefore, failing to give your consent will not prevent the activities from taking place, but it will make the processing of the images more difficult for "La Baracca", who will adopt the most suitable solutions in order to safeguard and respect your choice.

C-bis) During certain “Activities” carried out with educational, scientific and cultural purposes, photographs or recordings of you (or the subject/minor you are responsible for) might be taken. As set out in art. 97, par. 1 of the Italian Copyright law,, it is not strictly necessary to require your consent to the processing of personal data for the abovementioned activities; however, we deem it appropriate that you be informed and give your authorisation, for the sake of transparency and to safeguard the relationship “La Baracca” has established with children and parents over the years. Said material can be used for creating and printing educational resources, publications, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and short videos. The images collected shall not be used for promotional purposes and shall not be published on any of the social media under par. 3C.

We hereby specify that giving your consent to the processing of images is not compulsory but optional; therefore, failing to give your consent will not prevent the activities from taking place, but it will make the processing of the images more difficult for "La Baracca", who will adopt the most suitable solutions in order to safeguard and respect your choice.

NB: authorisation for data processing under par. 3C-bis will be required through specific disclaimers regarding “Activities” of “Public Interest”.

Personal data will also be processed for the purposes of compliance with the current laws, regulations or the EU standard.

The Data Controller’s personnel or collaborators processing your data have been duly trained and they act in compliance with the principles of proportionality and suitability as regards the purposes for which the data have been acquired. Also, in order for the data to be used correctly in connection with the specific “Activities” carried out, they have been carefully instructed as regards safety measures.

The data are processed through safety measures that guarantee their safeguard, prevent their loss, avoid unlawful or improper use as well as unauthorised access, in compliance with the provisions set out in article 32 of GDPR.

The user is free to provide the personal data reported in the dedicated paperwork or in the forms available on the website; however, total or partial failure to provide the data required, as well as failure to authorise their processing, might result in the impossibility for “La Baracca” to provide the service requested. Providing your personal data and authorising the processing can therefore be a compulsory requirement when necessary for the conclusion of contracts between spectators/users and “La Baracca”. In this case, refusing to provide your data and/or providing incorrect or incomplete information would result in the impossibility for “La Baracca” to execute the contract or for the user to avail of the products, services and/or activities even when reserved. Also, it might be impossible for “La Baracca” to comply with their legal obligations or with those deriving from the relationship established with the user or for the sending of correspondence.

Specific privacy policies will be provided in connection with the single services provided to the user.

4. How we store your data and how long we keep them

The user’s personal data will be actively processed throughout the period during which the “Activities” are scheduled, and they will be kept for seven years starting as of their provision or until the user revokes their consent. The data might be stored anonymously for statistical purposes and/or kept in order to allow the user to enforce their rights as provided for by the current regulations.

5. Your rights

We hereby inform you that, pursuant to articles 13, par. 2, letters (b), (c) and (d), 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 of GDPR (, you are entitled to:

- obtain information about the personal data we have stored about you;

- obtain information about the purposes of data processing, the categories of personal data and the third parties or the categories of third parties to which the data have been or will be transmitted, as well as their storage period;

- have your data modified or erased;

- have the processing of your data limited;

- obtain the portability of your data, i.e. to receive them from a Data Controller in a common, machine-readable format and freely send them to another Data Controller;

- refuse your consent to data processing at any time, also in case of consent for direct marketing activities;

- refuse your consent to automatic processing, including profiling activities;

- upon request to the Data Controller, obtain access to your data and require they be modified or erased, as well as to have their processing limited or refuse your consent to their processing, along with your right to data portability;

- revoke your consent at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of data processing, based on the consent originally provided;

- file a complaint to the Data Protection Authority.

Requests can be submitted to the following e-mail address:

6. Disclosure of your data

The data kept by “La Baracca” might be disclosed to the people in charge for the processing, professionals, staff, organisers of events and other subjects who, due to organisational or functional reasons, will need to process said data. The processing of these data will be limited to the provision of the services offered, and safeguarded by specific guarantees.

We hereby inform you that your personal data will be disclosed to third parties in the cases required by law.

7. Applicable law

This Privacy Policy is regulated by the Italian law and EU REGULATION 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council, dated April 27, 2017, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

8. Updated versions of the privacy policy

This privacy policy will be periodically updated; we therefore invite the users to visit this web page for updates.

By giving us your consent for the processing of personal data, you authorise “La Baracca” to notify you about any modifications to our privacy policy.

Last update: 11st September, 2019

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