LABIRINTO / LABYRINTHa different Minotaur

Suggested ages:
Ages 11 to 13 years
School range:
Lower secondary school
Show dates:
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company: La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi
directed by: Gabriele Marchioni ed Enrico Montalbani
by: Gabriele Marchioni ed Enrico Montalbani
with: Andrea Aristidi, Gabriele Marchioni ed Enrico Montalbani
lights: Andrea Aristidi
music: Matteo Balasso
costumes: Tanja Eick
Scenes: Paintings by Enrico Montalbani
other info: Video by Alex Bertacchi and Gabriele Marchioni

Complete card

The Labyrinth is Minotaur’s home. Minotaur is a monster.
He is locked and prisoner and knows just the fright who feel everybody about him. He can be just what everybody aspect form him: a monster. To everybody, in all stories, a monster is something wrong. It’s something different.
Teseo is a guy who wants to become a hero and knows that it’s possible to become a hero defeating a monster.
So, he decides to defeat “the different”, going into the labyrinth with other Athenian boys and girls.
The show tells a big adventure about feeling monsters or heroes, about need of comparing for trying to know and
grow up, not to remain a prisoner of prejudices and stereotypes.


Duration: 50'

Performance already shown in:

Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Sala A, - 2016
Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Sala A, - 2017
Cinema Teatro San Giuseppe, Brugherio (MB) - Italy - 2017
Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Sala A, - 2019
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