The Charter in 27 illustrations

The illustrators:

With a degree in Painting, Roberta was a teacher in secondary schools. In 1995, she was one of the artists selected for the Bologna International Book Fair and since then, she has been taking part in a number of international exhibitions and contests. Her works have been published by De Agostini, Emme, Edumond, Castalia, Giunti, Falzea, Edicolors, Lattes, Mondadori, Grimm Press, Réunion des Musées Nationaux, Belin, Kyowon, Ragged Bears, Child’s Play. She illustrates a series of children’s book, under the supervision of the British Museum Press. She organises workshops and seminars and collaborates with libraries and schools. In 2006, she received the Italian Illustration Award.

Born in Naples in 1977, Francesca graduated in Painting from the Naples Academy of Fine Arts. She attended courses of illustration in Naples, Venice and Sarmede. One of her works won the “best illustrated book 8/12” prize at the international contest “Sulle ali delle farfalle” held in Bordano and she was awarded the First Prize at the international contest “Sulle ali delle farfalle e dei cigni” held in Schwanenstadt (Austria). Finally, she ranked third at the contest for illustrators organised by the “Fondazione Cr Cento”. She illustrated books for various publishers: Colori del mondo - Città Nuova, Isola dei ragazzi, Sinnos, Child’s Play, San Paolo, Edition Eveil & Découvertes, RBA, Giunti.

Monica was born in Naples in 1968. After her first degree in Set Design from the Academy of Fine Arts, attained in 1989, and after working for fifteen years in Theatre and Cinema, in 2004 she decided to make her dreams come true and to start illustrating tales for children. Her first picture book was published in 2005, and since then she has been a full-time illustrator. She published a number of books with several publishers in Italy and abroad, and she took part in several exhibitions. (

Born in Iraqi Kurdistan in 1951, Fuad has a degree from both the Baghdad and Florence Academy of Fine Arts, and currently lives and works in Florence. He has held many personal and collective exhibitions both in Italy and abroad. He is also the author of a number of permanent works of art in various cities. He has been focusing on picture books for some years now. He has worked for several publishers: Fatatrac, Biblioteca di Pace, Arianna, Sinnos. He is the winner of the International Literary Award “Villeg Novella Dal Judri “, and he won twice the International Award of Bordano (Udine).

Born in Mantua, Elena found herself living in Bologna, but only occasionally. She is interested in: painting, ceramics, graphics and illustration. Her works have been published by Italian and foreign publishers. She scatters figures and colours in schools, libraries, houses and other places, decorating, smudging and leading workshops of painting and drawing. She obviously doesn’t forget her past as a restorer and her passion for old junk.

Chiara has been creating stories for children for over 20 years. Born in Venice and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, she also studied engraving at the school of Ornamental Arts of San Giacomo. Since 1990 she has published over one hundred books in Europe. She has gained many important prizes such as “Apel Les Mestres”, “UNICEF”, “Il Battello a Vapore”, “Andersen”, “Österreichischen Kinder- und Jugendbuch-lllustrationspreis” and a mention for the “Bologna Ragazzi Prima Infanzia” award at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and special mention of Ilustrarte International Biennial of Illustration and in the year 2000 she received the “Golden Apple” of Bratislava. She took part in several personal and collective exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. She was also a member of the jury in 1997 and 2004 for the “Premi Catalònia d’Illustració” and “Figure future” of Montreuil. She teaches both at the ISIA in Urbino and at the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts.

Alessandra lives and works in Spilimbergo (Northern Italian Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia). She attended the International School of Graphic Art in Venice. Her works have been displayed in several national and international exhibitions, among them, the International Children’s Book Fair of Bologna, the Biennials of Bratislava and Barreiro (Portugal). She has illustrated books for Italian, Spanish, French, American and German publishers. She has also collaborated with an Italian theatre company in creating the costumes.

Author, comics writer, illustrator and photographer. As a cartoonist and illustrator, Davide collaborates with several Italian magazines. He toured with the Italian actor Dario Vergassola, drawing on a video board on stage. He worked as an author and illustrator for the television (RAI1 and RAI3). He has held a number of personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad and was awarded several prizes. He illustrated books for many publishers, such as Cappelli, Castalia, Sonda. His cartoons and stories were published on “Cuore” and “Comix” (Panini Modena). Since 1990, he has been publishing his drawings on Smemoranda, a famous Italian personal organiser. He collaborates with LAV Rome (Anti-Vivisection Society), for whom he has created the 2010 calendar. He holds workshops and courses of comics in schools and other educational institutions, for both kids and teachers. ( - He is on Facebook)

Luca was born in Tricase, Apulia, in 1974. He lives in London, where he works as an illustrator, graphic designer and cartographer. He studied at the International School of Illustration in Sarmede and at the Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London. He has collaborated with Sinnos, Laterza, Palumbo, Einaudi Scuola, Piemme Scuola, La Repubblica/L’Espresso and a number of other publishers. He leads workshops of illustration for kids and adults in schools, museums and libraries. (

Born in Macerata in 1963. With a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts, Mauro started his training as illustrator under the supervision of Stephan Zavrel. In Italy, he published with Edizioni Arka, Gallucci Editore, Fabbri-Rizzoli, Giunti, and abroad, with Dorling Kindersley, Penguin, Kyowon, Ragged Bears, Usborne, Grimm Press. Among the awards he won, there are: IBBY Award “Il battello a vapore”, “Andersen” Award for Best Illustrator, “Emanuele Luzzati” Award for his illustrations, “Creativa-Mente” Award. He is the artistic director of the project “ARS IN FABULA Formazione Artistica per l’Editoria” organised by the Association “Fabbrica delle Favole” and of the Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata. He also works a lecturer of Graphic Arts and Illustration at the Macerata Academy of Fine Arts.

Artist, sculptor and engraver. Her work spans sculpture, engraving and book illustration. Since 1992, she has taken part in a number of exhibitions both in Italy and abroad. In 2000, together with Pierre Hornain, she founded éditions du Dromedaire, a publisher for which she creates drawings and illustrations.

In 2009, she opened a gallery in Venice, Atelier éditions du Dromedaire, where she exhibits the children’s books she illustrates and several art works both for kids and adults.

For over 10 years, Giulia has been working in the field of early years as a trainer, collaborating with several associations in organising artistic and educational workshops. She illustrates children’s books. Amongst her publications: Emozioni per giocare, published by Sinnos.

Serena was born in Rome in 1975, where she lives and works. She attained a degree in History of Contemporary Art and attended courses of painting and illustration for kids in Sarmede (with Svjetlan Junakovic), Macerata (with Javier Zabala), Rome (with Gek Tessaro) and León (with Javier Zabala and Pablo Amargo). She leads creative workshops, illustration courses and “meetings with the author” in libraries, museums and schools. She published with Anicia, Artebambini and Prìncipi & Princípi Edizioni. Since 2003, she has taken part in national and international exhibitions and contests.

Manuela was born in Bologna, where she attended the Secondary School for Art Studies and subsequently graduated in Art History. She worked for several Italian publishers and took part in exhibitions in Italy and abroad. She also attended workshops and courses of illustration, comics, engraving and graphic design. For years, she has also been working at the Bologna Film Library, specialising in historic posters, poster design and cinema advertisement. She founded the Art Printing House Le MagnificheEditrici, where she creates art books that combine traditional graphic techniques with innovative ones.

Octavia was born in France of an Italian father and a Spanish mother. When she was six, her familiy moved to Italy and she has lived in Bologna since. She is a self-taught painter; for a short period, she worked as a goldsmith, but this particular art form did not satisfy her need to shape her inner universe. She then decided to devote herself to painting, creating drawings and illustrations for fairytales and legends. Amongst the awards she received, there are the “Artemisia” Award in 2006 and 2008, the “Bocca” Award in 2006 and 2008 and the “Andersen” Award for Best Illustrator in 2004. Her works were displayed at the Carrousel du Louvre (the Louvre Book Shop), at the Modern Art Museum of Ca’ la Ghironda in Zola Predosa (Bologna), at Palazzo Malvezzi (Bologna) and at the Santa Maria della Vita Museum (Bologna). She combines her work as an illustrator with lectures of illustration at the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts.

Enrico was born in Medicina, near Bologna, about 34 years ago. At the age of four, he started to draw on any surface he could find on his way, looking for magic and its dimensions. Then he discovered theatre, music and cinema, and he decided to get a real job, like an electrician or a plumber. In 2009, he enrolled in the International School of Comics in Reggio Emilia. Meanwhile, he is trying to grow up and figure out what kind of life and job he actually wants.

Born in Bologna in 1979, Francesca has always loved to scribble and turn her thoughts into images. She attended courses of painting and illustration in Bologna and Sarmede. After attaining her degree in Pedagogy and a short experience in crèches and kindergartens, in 2007 she joined La Baracca – Testoni Ragazzi, gaining a deeper insight into artistic languages and their relationship with childhood. Such an environment allowed her to combine her passions: theatre, writing, graphic design and illustration.

Paola studied at the Secondary School for Art Studies and graduated at the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts. Her works have been published by Panini, EL, Gakken, Le Marasche, Edicolors, Campanotto, and she illustrated poems by R. Roversi, A. Casiraghy, F. Facchini, A. Merini, G. Quarzo, published by Pulcino Elefante, Battello Stampatore, F. Mugnaini. She has taken part in several exhibitions in Italy and abroad, and her works were selected at the Bologna International Book Fair. Some of her books can be found at the museum La Bibliothèque imaginaire de Rabelais (Seuilly - France). She is one of the founders of the Art Printing House Le MagnificheEditrici (2008).

With a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, Lucia specialises in engraving techniques, which she teaches to both kids and adults. Her works were selected at the III International Biennial of Illustration of Children’s Books, and she was awarded in Chioggia, Bordano, Turin, Cassano allo Ionio. She has collaborated with several publishers, such as La Joie de Lire, Sinnos, Yeowon, Falzea and with Edizioni Artebambini for the magazine Dada. ( -

An author and illustrator of children’s books, Gek received significant acknowledgements and awards; among them, the “Andersen” Award for the Best Author (2010). He focuses on “drawing words, because drawings can tell stories”, so he created what he calls “the theatre drawn”. Thanks to the hidden qualities of the overhead projector and to a very original technique, he animates stories taken from his books. His observation and synthesis skills are transferred involving and effective into theatrical performances. (

Born in Udine, but living in Cagliari, Pia attended the Secondary School for Art Studies in her hometown. During her career, she has illustrated children’s books for several Italian and foreign publishers (among the most recent: Orecchio Acerbo, Nuove Edizioni Romane, Rizzoli, Editoriale Scienza, Topipittori, Città Aperta, Gakken, Grimm Press, Grandir, Libros del Zorro Rojo), and she has attended a number of workshops. She took part in several personal and collective exhibitions and she leads workshops on visual education for children. She won the 21st Edition of the “Andersen” Award for Best Illustrator.

Born in Cagliari in 1977, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Sassari, specialising in pictorial decoration. She then moved to Bologna, where she settles after meeting the love of her life. For years, she has been organising and leading creative workshops both in Italy and abroad. Valeria’s books are published in Italy, Iran, Korea and in the UK. Her dream is to become ventriloquist.
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