The Charter in 27 languages

Jo Belloli - Associate Producer and Early Years Theatre programmer at Polka Theatre, London, which is the UK co-organiser partner within Small size, Big citizens. In addition to her role at Polka, where she has worked since the mid 1980’s, Jo has extensive experience as a freelance theatre and arts education consultant specialising in early childhood and theatre for the very young.

Magali Morris - Programme Director of Baboro International Arts Festival for Children, Galway Ireland. Magali has over 30 years experience working in the arts for children as a teacher, a director and as a programmer. She has been an advocate and a voice for children in her work in the USA and in Ireland.

Letizia Olivieri - Letizia was born in Medicina (Bologna) in 1980. In 2005, she graduated in Translation Studies from the Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators of Forlì (University of Bologna), and she has been working as a freelancer since. She approached theatre thanks to the workshops led by Roberto Frabetti in her school. For the past eight years, she has been collaborating with La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi as a translator, interpreter and linguistic consultant. (

Gaëtane Reginster - Communication and promotion manager at Théâtre de La Guimbarde of Charleroi (Belgium). Coordinator of the festival “L’art et les tout-petits”.

Simona Sermasi - Obtained her school-leaving certificate at the Secondary School of Classical Studies “Galvani” of Bologna and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Bologna. Since 2005, she has been working in Paris as a physician, in the Department of Neonatology of the Port Royal Hospital.

Brigitte Korn-Wimmer - Born in 1959 in Neumarkt-St. Veit, Oberbayern. She studied at the University of Munich: Theatre (related subjects: Italian and German Philology). She is a playwright, translator and publisher, as well as director of Theaterstueckverlag and, occasionally, a journalist.

Carlos Herans - Co-founder of Acción Educativa (Madrid, Spain), Carlos is director and artistic director of the festival “Las semanas internacionales de teatro para niñas y niños”. He has published several articles in magazines specialising in education and training in the field of art.

lketa Gorica - Born in Tirana in 1971, she lives in Modena and she has been working in a bookshop in Bologna for years.

Adnan Nassif - Born in 1947 in Aleppo, Syria, Adnan moved to Italy at the age of 19, to continue his studies at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science at the University of Pesaro-Urbino. He then decided not to work as a pharmacist, but as an import-export agent for an industrial firm. He is married, has four kids and lives in Imola (Bologna).

Maria Blanco Facal - Literary translator. She works as an academic counsellor at Casa Asia in Barcelona, Spain.

Kim Hyunsook - A graduate from the Seoul National University of South Korea, Kim has also attained a degree at the Bologna Academy of Music. She specialised in opera singing at the Pescara High School of Music. She organises courses of opera singing.

Ivica Šimić - Actor, director and artistic director in theatre Mala Scena in Zagreb. Secretary General of ASSITEJ International. Founder and leader of Theatre Epicentre, theatre centre for young audiences in central and southeastern Europe.

Peter Manscher - Secretary General, ASSITEJ World Congress and International Performing Arts Festival for Young Audiences, 2011. (

Louise Munk Kulmbach - Executive Assistant, ASSITEJ World Congress and International Performing Arts Festival for Young Audiences, 2011. (


Ingrid Wolff - Artistic director of Stichting 2+ Producties (association for the promotion and creation of quality arts and culture for the very young), Ingrid has been organising the festival “2 Turven Hoog” for 11 years (international arts festival for children 0-6), every year in april in Almere, Netherlands. (

Katariina Metsalampi - Arts Manager, Annantalo, Children’s Art Centre. Theatre and Dance coordinator ASSITEJ Finland board. (

Sofia Silfvast - Theatre assistant in Annantalo for spring 2010, BA, who has lived some time in Italy.

Katerina Xethali - Born in Greece, Katerina lives in Brussels where she made her studies and works at the Culture Unit of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) as Programme Manager.

Eszter Orbán - Dramaturg and freelance translator. She has been involved in many theatrical genres from opera to children’s plays. (

Inbal Amitai - A translator of academic works, Inbal is working as a counsellor for HI TECH company, its name is SMART.

Asaki Shimoyama - Born in Japan in 1979, Asaki studied Russian philology at the Moscow State University followed by a degree in French literature at the Institut Catholique de Paris. She lives in Bologna and is currently studying literature at the University of Bologna. She participates in the direction of the International theatre festival for young audience Okinawa as a specialized interpreter and translator being fluent in Japanese, French, Russian, Italian and English.

Barbara Małecka - Student at the University of Poznań: faculty of pedagogy with English and faculty of Polish literature and language. She is interested in art, particularly art for the youngest audience and cooperates with Children’s Art Centre in Poznań.

Zbigniew Rudziński - Graduated from the University of Poznań and has been a theatrical practitioner since 1976. He has spent the past 25 years in the Children’s Art Centre in Poznań. Promoter of new playwrights and the theatre for the youngest audience, editor of “New Plays for Children and Young People”.

Beatrice Bodini - Beatrice was born in Bologna, where she studied Portuguese language and literature. She attended Portuguese courses in Lisbon organised by the Department of Portuguese Language and Culture of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy. She currently lives in Bologna, where she organises scientific/cultural events.

Ana Lucia Goulart De Faria - Lecturer at the Department of Social Sciences Applied to Education - Faculty of Education - University of Campinas (Sao Paulo, Brazil). For years, she has been working in the field of pedagogy and sociology for early years, with a special focus on interculturality and gender differences.

Daniela Miscov - A graduate in Romanian Philology from the University of Bucharest, formerly a teacher of Romanian literature, Daniela has been working in theatre since 1990 as a dramaturg (currently at Teatrul Ion Creanga, professional theatre for children in Bucharest). Her experience always included art and educational projects for children, including those for early years. (

Daria Shmitko - Born in 1982 in San Petersburg (Russia), she graduated in Journalism and Foreign Languages and she is currently studying Arts at the University of Bologna Dams. She would like to become a photographer and an artist.

Mactar Amadou Sylla - He was born in Dakar (Senegal). Thanks to his job in the field of international trade, he lives and works both in Italy and Senegal. He is a painter and he also creates sculptures of wood and iron on the topic of recycling.

Milica Arion - She was born September 5th, 1985, in Belgrade, Serbia. She studied Arts and Philosophy, as well as Science of Communication. She currently lives in Bologna, and she’s fluent in Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian, English, Spanish and Italian.

Marinka Cernic - Marinka was born in Gorizia, into a family with Slovenian origins. She graduated from the University of Trieste with a dissertation about the learning of a second language during childhood. She is interested in didactics and theatre as an expressive means for children. Occasionally, she works as a translator and collaborates with Ente regionale teatrale del Friuli Venezia Giulia. (

Ewa Colliander - ASSITEJ Sweden. Executive Assistant, General Secretariat, ASSITEJ 17th World Congress. Former stage manager, BA in Swedish and History.

Tulin Saglam - Associate Professor at the Theatre Department at Ankara University, teaching History and Theory of Theatre, Theatre for Children and Drama; working on Theatre Anthropology. Head of Assitej Turkey. (

Aysen Ustun - Actress, Research Assistant and a PhD Student in Directing Branch at the Theatre Department, Ankara University. (
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